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Disarming Your Limits with Jessica Cox

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Disarming your limits

Jessica is the world’s first armless pilot! Adapting to a world that is designed for able-bodies, Jessica shares her experiences as woman with no arms. 

Jessica shares how the outside world responds to her differences, versus her own perceptions. It took a number of years for Jessica to embrace her differences, but when she stepped into her own uniqueness, Jessica realized she has a lot to offer this world - including becoming the best version of herself. 

Jessica gives listeners advice - Break things down into smaller steps to make a big task seem more accomplishable.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The neuroplasticity and adaptiveness of the brain
  • Growing up being different from everyone
  • The “why me” mindset 
  • Disarming the power the world has on us, to be confident in our differences 
  • Flying a plane with no arms
  • Jessica’s book and documentary are ground-breaking for people living with disabilities 

The take-home: 

Building confidence and acceptance is a journey that we are all on, and all at different phases. Jessica kicks her shoes off to not only fly a plane, but to embrace life to its absolute fullest. You can feel Jessica’s passion for life, and her grace in a motivational speaking, through the mic. Check out Jessica’s book and documentary, as she leads the way in advocacy for people with disabilities all over the world!

Where to find Jessica Cox:


Jessica’s Book - Disarm Your Limits

Documentary - Right Footed

The Muve Forward Podcast:



Email: [email protected]



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