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Express Yourself

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Express Yourself

Michelle talks about the emotional responses that our hormones cause, today. Discerning between hormones, feelings and emotions isn’t as necessary as realizing that it’s completely normal and human to feel. But, if you do feel like something doesn’t isn’t quite right, seeking help from a medical health professional could be very important for you.

Michelle has had the sensation of her throat closing in, like there was something stuck in it - especially in situations where she felt she had to withhold her feelings. When your truth is trying to express itself, it might come across as reactive if you’re frustrated in the moment. When you’re feeling emotional, instead of reacting in a way that you might not be heard or accepted, try journalling. 

You want to be in a comfortable state of mind to be able to openly express yourself in your relationships. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Hormones, feelings and emotions
  • Premenstrual hormones can create quite the waves in our lives
  • Expressing our feelings and how important it is to our physical health
  • Journalling through your emotional waves

The Take Home:

We don’t want to be prisoners to our hormonal imbalances. Everything affects our hormones, from sleep, diet, our environment and gut health. Self expression is absolutely integral in self care. If we don’t feel safe to express ourselves, our bodies let us know. Listen to your body and mind! 

Journal Prompt:

How is my body feeling right now? What emotion is strongest? What can I do right now to feel grounded and at ease?

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