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Getting Into A High Vibratiion

awarness of surroundings canadian podcaster energies high energy high vibe high vibrations hope light living in truth mood swings moving forward muve foward podcast understanding energies Mar 02, 2022
High Vibration

On this episode we dive into:

  • High vs low vibrations; what is this and what do they do for us?
  • How our vibration impacts us and other living beings 
  • How to get into higher vibration in times of trouble

The take away!

Being in higher vibration is an active choice that Michelle makes to help herself and others be positive and project light and hope. She continuously make the choice to elevate her vibration, and it has made such a difference to her overall mood and well being, especially when so much pain and suffering surrounds us in these difficult times. Try it, live it, be it! 

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Michelle Wolfe





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