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Mental Wellness,Vision Boards and Scaling Up with Taylor Lindsay-Noel

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Mental wellness vision boards Taylor Lindsay-Noel

From a tragedy that rerouted her dreams of being an Olympian, to having her business featured on Oprah’s Favourite Things 2020 list, Taylor is bringing us all of the inspiration and courage we need. On today’s episode, we come to you from a Muve Collective zoom meeting. 

Taylor talks to us about how she keeps focused on her true values as she scales her tea business to a magnificent level. Taylor is breaking down ceilings at a quicker rate than we can imagine and we can’t help but want to follow along, support and feel utterly inspired by her journey. She reminds us of the importance of connecting with our community and always having a creative outlet aside from your work. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How being an only child shapes our success
  • Overcoming entrepreneurial “mistakes”
  • The importance of seeing your dreams: creating a vision board to envision success 
  • Anxiety as a crippling factor in decision making and small business management 
  • The importance of mental wellness and connecting with community 
  • Find your version of spirituality to help focus your vision
  • How name dropping benefits everyone

The take-home: 

When you lead with clear intent, the laws of the universe will take care of you. Taylor is the true vision of this statement. Thank you for reminding us that what you believe, you receive. 

Taylor reminds us: be open to others, to share with no expectations of receiving, that the internet is an entrepreneurs best friend and to humbly approach others to seek advice.  Women are unstoppable when we work together. 

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