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Navigating Diet Culture

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Navigating Diet Culture

Michelle is joined by her friend and colleague Nicole Settimi today. An RMT, Manual Osteopath and Business Owner, Nicole has been dissecting diet culture over the last few years. So, Nicole and Michelle answer a listener question. 

From a listener: My friend often talks about her weight and although I want to be a supportive friend in her process, I find it very triggering against the work I’m doing around my own body image and diet culture. How do I be a good friend while respecting my own boundaries?

How can we support our friends while respecting our own boundaries when it comes to toxic diet culture and habits?

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Diet culture
  • How to help support a friend who might be at a different part of their journey than you
  • Raising children outside of diet culture
  • Supporting a healthy/neutral body image

The Take Home:

We are all trying to unlearn and learn how to live within a world that is designed for us to  fail, and hate our bodies. We are trying to overcome toxic diet culture and do the work it takes to support other women in becoming liberated in their bodies. 

Book Recommendation: More Than A Body, Lexie and Lindsay Kite

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