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Paying It Forward

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Paying it forward

Today I spent time in the hospital with my stepdaughter. I actively put in my best efforts to make this visit an exciting and curious experience for her. But even more lovely was our experience earlier in the day. Listen to the proud stepmom moment I shared with Sarah this afternoon. Her desire to pay-it-forward in her community still continues to warm my heart. 

I believe these small gestures are what will continue to spark change in our community and build resilient and compassionate children. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Turning a difficult situation into an exciting adventure 
  • The importance of supporting your child’s pay-it-forward ideas
  • A reminder to spread kindness in even the smallest, most unexpected ways
  • How giving not only makes the receiver feel good, it can fill your soul too
  • Being conscious of our gender-based language and terms

The take-home: 

Giving and paying-it-forward can help to temporarily flood your soul with happiness. We don’t know a stranger’s personal story, but we know that wherever they are in life, receiving an unexpected surprise in the Dairy Queen drive-through can be soul-filling and encourage that giving behaviour forward. Our communities rely on kindness and compassion!

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