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Sacred Sexuality with Amanda Rassam

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Sacred Sexuality with Amanda Rassam

Amanda Rassam is breaking down the stigmas and social taboos when it comes to sexuality and pleasure. Amanda talks about sexuality openly on her social media platforms in a way that we can relate to. 

 Amanda wants to normalize talking about pleasure, to remove embarrassment or shame around words, to create a more open, intimate experience with ourselves and others. She is a guide that helps people discover different layers of themselves, in a multidimensional way. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The joys of exploring our bodies versus social norms
  • What sexuality is, and it’s not what you think
  • All of the factors that contribute to forming our sexuality, from energies to control, to past trauma and language
  • Unconscious versus conscious beliefs and how they all play a part in sexuality and intimacy
  • What can we create when we are in harmony with each other?

The take-home: 

We can only allow someone to see us in our most vulnerable space if we’ve allowed ourselves to see us there. Amanda helps people reflect on their own experiences, their upbringing and the stories we abide by, to open us up and allow us to feel and express our highest level of sexual and intimate freedom. A sexually empowered population is one that can be a compassionate society, and one that realizes our bodies are sacred.

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