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Success, Accountability, and Healthy Living

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On today’s episode, I bring back Shana Recker to chat about making the decision to prioritize your health! On her journey, Shana realized how alcohol had been negatively affecting her life and quickly realized that her decisions were not inline with her ‘million dollar self’. Through taking action, confronting her bad habits, and finding accountability, Shana has managed to make some serious changes that have opened her eyes and her mind to what her true potential really is! 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How your mindset changes as you enter your mid 40s.
  • How accountability helps with with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • How alcohol doesn’t work to reduce stress.
  • Finding new reward systems to fit a healthy lifestyle.
  • Using a tracking system to reinforce positive change.
  • How alcohol affects sleeping patterns.
  • Looking at what your “million dollar self” looks like.

The take-home: 

Shana credits her successful lifestyle change to accountability and her vision of her ‘million dollar self’. Breaking her old habits and replacing them with a new and improved reward system has helped her regain control over the life she truly wants to live. One of the habits that Shana wanted to break, and successfully broke, was drinking. Quitting drinking is something that many people aspire to do. Be it for health reasons or personal growth, Shana can attest to the benefits of being Sober as she has already seen improvements in her mental health, sleeping patterns, and level of productivity surrounding her business. 

“I want to be in control, I don’t want my situation to be in control of my decisions.” 

She also stresses the importance of what type of example she wants to be for her own children. Comparing her past actions and behaviours to her ‘million dollar self’, Shana realized that being a positive role model for her children, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and being able to focus on her business were goals that she wanted to make priority! 

Each and every journey looks different and Shana’s story is one that will inspire you. What do you say warriors? Are you ready to take the steps necessary for you, to become your ‘million dollar self’? It’s never too late to start, and you deserve to get the most out of life!

Get in touch with with Shana: 

Business Instagram: @quantumleapqueen

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