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Setting Boundaries

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Setting Boundaries

Michelle talks about boundaries this week, in light of Mother’s Day. After losing her Mother almost 30 years ago, this day has been a difficult one to celebrate. If you want to be a mother and can’t, if you’ve lost your child or Mother and are grieving, if you have a difficult relationship with your mother and are healing, there can be a lot of triggers around this day for so many people. Michelle limits her exposure to social media, television and the outside world - these are her boundaries.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How setting boundaries is key to managing our mental wellness
  • Being aware of our emotional mindset after interactions with others 
  • Being conscious of those who might not celebrate the same holidays as you do
  • Reducing exposure to our phone on certain days, as a way to set healthy boundaries 
  • Figuring out what our triggers are so that we can manage through difficult situations and set boundaries with others 

The Take Home:

Social media, television shows, music, your co-workers and conversations with others, all impact our well-being. Be aware of how you feel in these areas of your life. Is there tension in your physical body? Are your thoughts overcome with negativity?  

If you have an uncomfortable calling from your gut when it comes to certain people, places or things, but you haven’t put boundaries in place, this is your inspiration to make changes now. Muve on from people with grace and protect your emotional self from becoming even more depleted.

Advice: Make a list of what feels good or uncomfortable after certain interactions, pay attention to your mental and physical self and be very conscious. You can completely eliminate or limit your exposure, there are many ways to set healthy boundaries. 

The Come Together Mastermind has launched this week with the @muvecollective and Shelby Hayle. There is no better way to virtually connect and feel supported right now!

Get in touch with Michelle:

Michelle Wolfe

Instagram: @themichellewolfe

Muve Collective Instagram: @muvecollective


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