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Body Scanning As a Self Care Tool

body scan moving forward muve forward podcast muve life podcast self improvement self care self love the best self care podcast May 27, 2021
Body Scan, Self Care

Michelle chats about all things wellness in this podcast. Michelle teaches the importance of body scanning and how to implement it into our daily lives. Body scanning has many benefits, primarily to check in with and connect to our bodies. 

Michelle talks about her clinical experience as a massage therapist, and how clients wouldn’t see her until they were in severe pain. Prevention is key and body scanning can help to prevent the onset of pain or injury. Listen to this quickie episode to develop a body scanning practice and connect deeper with your physical self. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • All of the pieces of the self care puzzle 
  • Self care is not selfish 
  • Body scanning as a self awareness tool
  • Checking in and being honest with our needs

The take-home: 

Fitting in time for self care can seem like a huge task. Body scanning is a simple tool that can help you notice the signs and symptoms of bigger issues. You are your own best advocate. Take note of any changes in your body and develop a more in-tune connection with yourself. 

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