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Can You Hear Me Now with Celina Caesar-Chavannes

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Can You Hear Me Now

Celina is an entrepreneur and educator with an MBA in Organizational Psychology. From politics, to entrepreneurial-ship, this conversation is refreshing and absolutely important!

Celina grew up in a very strict household. When she talks about her Mom, she reflects on a line in her book, Can You Hear Me Now,  “I feared her, while she feared for me, therefore she treated me the way she knew the world would.” 

Celina talks about the difficult life lessons she learned as she started to explore the world, outside of a strict foundational upbringing, how she parents her three children, why she entered the political world and what lead her to writing her book, Can You Hear Me Now.

Celina talks about the micro-aggressions, sexism and racism that she experienced in politics as the only black female in her environment. She exposes the true un-belonging that is felt throughout the system of the white male’s club that is politics. Celina uses this as fuel as she so eloquently says to empower us, if she is not protected as an elected political official, how are our front line, minimum wage workers being treated? She feels an immense responsibility and love for her community to speak out and up. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Connecting with our inner child
  • Breaking down intergenerational trauma
  • What a common Caribbean household looks like
  • The gender imbalances that arise in a family dynamic
  • Learning the profound lessons from our mistakes 
  • Sharing what the political boardroom looks like to create inclusivity
  • Being unapologetic about expressing our values and principles
  • What it looks like to fight for equity
  • Using our privilege to make other’s lives easier
  • Micro-aggressions and lack of accountability amongst white populations, specifically in politics 
  • Reorganizing the structure of institutions to be equitable
  • Celina’s book, Can You Hear Me Now, and why it is one of the most important reads of 2021

The take-home: 

How do we hold onto our values and principles in politics, or life, if they aren’t anchored and unwavering? “I am unwavering in my advocacy because I know what that hurt feels like. I advocate because I know what it feels like to be marginalized. To be sitting somewhere and thinking that nobody hears your voice, that they know what’s happening to you is wrong but they still aren’t protecting you.”

We had an opportunity in Canada to lead against racism and it has not been addressed. Celina’s story about being blatantly gaslit and unprotected is one that we all need to hear. She provides us with profound metaphors in understanding deep oppressive processes. Thank you, Celina.

Make change now:

1.) Choosing to understanding the roots of the racism in our country. We have a choice to be racist or anti-racist.

2.) We have to have an empathic courage. Include BIPOC in conversations to develop better policy. 

Book Recommendations:

Can You Hear Me Now- Celina Caesar-Chavannes

How Will You Measure Your Life?- Clayton M. Christensen

How to Be An Anti-Racist- Ibram X. Kendi

Where to find Celina Caesar-Chavannes: 

Instagram- @iamcelinacc #canyouhearmenow


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