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Janessa Cockburn is a Poet and She Did Know it!

expression session eyebloom healing modalities janessa cockburn mental wellness moving forward only child podcast stories poetry relationship standards self expression she did it single parent home Nov 08, 2021
She's a poet

Growing up an only child, Janessa used writing and journalling as a way to express herself growing up. An avid reader, her love for words and poetry lead her into writing a beautiful, art filled poetry book called Eye Bloom.

Feeling a lot of self-doubt in her teenage years, and not really seeing any role models in the media that looked like her, Janessa used poetry as a way to bridge this gap. She works in utter joyful places, without inhibitions. 

Check out her Expression Sessions on Instagram! @co.burn

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Setting our own relationship standards
  • Self expression as an art form
  • Finding your creative niche, and how it can change communities 
  • Mental wellness and the healing modalities that can help us through

The take-home: 

Writing is a powerful tool that can be used as an outlet that helps to heal and empower us. Janessa has used writing, poetry and her words to create masterpieces that we can connect to on a deep level. We urge you to grab a copy of her beautiful work of art! 

Where to find Janessa Cockburn and check out her book:

Eye Bloom, A debut poetry book 


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