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The Most Special Episode I've Ever Recorded With My Hero, My Dad

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Today I’m talking to the most special person in my life, Wayne Wolfe, my Dad. He’s lived for almost 65 years now and he’s had a very successful and wonderful life, but he’s also been through so much. No matter what he was going through though, he always managed to make me and my siblings feel like we were the most special people in his world. He is an outstanding man and I am honoured to be able to share his story and his resilience with you. 

My Dad grew up in a small town, on a farm with his six siblings. At the young age of 15, while working on the farm, his whole world changed in an instant when he jumped into a bin to save his Father’s life. They were both rescued from the bin, but unfortunately, his Dad did not survive that day. My Dad shared that in the days and months following the accident, they rallied together as a family, and with the help of neighbours, they carried on, because “that’s just what you have to do.” 

The next tragedy is the one that hurt my Dad the most, he shared. My mother, his wife, Marie Wolfe, passed away from cancer at the young age of 35. He doesn’t remember much in the 4 years proceeding this, rightly so. But the thing is, my Dad, in my eyes, never faltered. I grew up in a loving and abundant home and he was always there for us. Dad came to every game he could. He was not only on the sidelines, but he was also helping out like a coach. He shares though, that he was just doing his best to try to keep busy (and keep his mind off of other things). 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How talking about tough times can help to heal. 
  • Talk about things more often … don’t let too much time pass.
  • Never stop talking about the ones you love. 
  • The importance of big bear hugs (and what ARE big bear hugs!).
  • Take the time to enjoy life (the things can wait). 
  • Seeing the positives in every situation to help drive you forward. 
  • How tough times help you to learn about yourself, quickly. 

The take-home: 

There is a lot one can learn from loss. It creates life-changing experiences that you just have to work through … and you figure out a way to carry on, because you have to. The important thing to remember is to get help when you need it - and lean on the support pillars around you. It’s not that you get over what happened, but you learn to live with the pain and continue on in a new way. Use the memories of good times and happy moments to keep you moving forward. In some closing words from my Dad, “The world would be at a big loss without you, Michelle.” … You too, Dad, I love you.


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