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Conquering Burnout with Dr. Kate Hazlitt

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Conquering Burnout

On today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Kate Hazlitt, a Naturopathic Doctor who helps women that are disconnected and burnt out to develop the grit and courage to reclaim their innate bliss.

Kate describes burnout as a period of time when we neglect our truest selves. She believes we are hardwired for bliss - but our society and conditioning have us spending more time outside of ourselves than ever. This means we seek external validation instead of practicing self-compassion, and this is often where the problems initially lay. Dr. Hazlitt also touches on how our self-neglect will show up as physical symptoms and to treat what we notice, we must focus on what we cannot see!

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Disconnection and burnout.
  • How a connection to yourself allows for a more fulfilling life.
  • How self-neglect manifests into physical symptoms.
  • How to practice self-compassion.
  • Setting boundaries.
  • Rhythmic commitment.

The take-home: 

Oftentimes we find ourselves going to the Doctors with symptoms like anxiety, chronic headaches, or skin conditions thinking that the problem we see is the problem, but Dr. Hazlitt describes though, how our self-neglect will show up as physical symptoms in our body. Dr. Hazitt’s noticed in herself that her burnouts were cyclical. She would work hard for a long time and then as soon as she had holidays, she would fall ill. Upon noticing this pattern, she came to realize that her symptoms were due to her lack of self-compassion which resulted in her being “a mixed bag of hot mess”. 

Kate also said, “Most people know what they need to do, but they don’t”. Meaning that too many of us neglect our deepest desires or our truest selves. But if you do the work, like I know many of you are, then you can identify the areas in which you need the most compassion! 

Every person walking this planet, including you, warriors, has the potential inside of you to harness and then practice, self-compassion. And this is exactly what you need to prevent yourself from the agony of burning out!

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